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Don’t Wait Any Longer for Your Knee Pain to Go Away

Posted on: March 21st, 2023 by Our Team

Disabling knee pain that makes it impossible to walk should be evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible. Less severe knee injuries may heal on their own, but don’t wait any longer than 3-7 days for your knee pain to go away even if you feel your injury isn’t very severe.

Knee pain is probably one of most common reasons to visit an Orthopaedic doctor. This is because the knee is not just a simple hinge joint, it also allows for some degree of twisting and rotatory motion. Performing such complex movements while supporting the entire weight of the body increases the risk of injury which manifests as knee pain.

The first line of treatment when dealing with knee pain is the RICE protocol, which is an acronym that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and pain (Acetaminophen) pills may also be used sparingly as recommended by your doctor.

Ligament and tendon tears or fractures may require immobilization or surgery to heal properly. Putting off seeing a doctor can lead to worsening of the tissue tears or bone fractures leading to deterioration of the joint and the damage could extend to surrounding structures ultimately leading to the need for extensive surgical procedures to relieve knee pain.

Some of the important signs and symptoms that indicate you should see your doctor or an orthopedic knee specialist include:

  • Unbearable knee pain
  • Puncture wounds or large wounds over the knee
  • Presence of fever as it may indicate knee joint infection
  • Persistent swelling and inflammation
  • Chronic pain that does not seem to be improving despite rest

Prompt treatment during the early stages of knee pain with advanced options such as orthobiologics or minimally invasive techniques such as knee arthroscopy may help restore knee mobility and function without delay. Contact Dr. Patel for an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of your knee pain and a suitable treatment recommendation.

Dr. Ronak Patel is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon offering a full range of care for all problems of the knee and shoulder with a special interest in complex knee disorders. Book your appointment with Dr. Patel today: (630) 929-2249.

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