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Repairing Your Knee With Subchondroplasty

Posted on: March 21st, 2023 by Our Team

Knee pain is probably one of the most common reasons to visit an orthopedic doctor. The knee is not just a simple hinge joint; it also allows for some degree of twisting and rotatory motion. To perform such complex movements while supporting the body’s entire weight increases the risk of injury, which manifests as knee pain. Due to these movements, this joint is vulnerable to many ailments, of which knee osteoarthritis is prevalent. It causes joint pain and stiffness and gradual wear and tear of joint cartilage, leading to disability.

Subchondroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure to repair the specific chronic bone marrow lesions or bone marrow lesions caused by osteoarthritis and filling them with a substance that is a bone substitute. Subchondroplasty can be done alone or in combination with other arthroscopic procedures.

Bone marrow lesions are strong predictors of osteoarthritic cartilage damage. Patients with chronic bone marrow lesions have faster cartilage destruction and are more likely to require a total knee replacement earlier in life. Patients diagnosed with bone marrow lesions as the primary cause of their knee pain may benefit from the procedure.

Advantages of Subchondroplasty –

  • Expect a faster recovery and return to normal activities.
  • It is an outpatient procedure. The patient is typically discharged on the same day as the surgery.

Shortly after the procedure, you will begin physical therapy. This exercise regimen will get you moving on your newly improved knee as soon as possible by strengthening the muscles. The results of your subchondroplasty will last for many years, allowing your knee to work once again and provide you with the ability to stay active.

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